Can You Get Rid of Ticks by Yourself

Is your furry friend infected by ticks? Do you want to clean your house and yard from ticks? Believe it or not, ticks can not only infect your dogs and cats but also travel through your clothes? Are you looking to hire tick control services in Wausau? You may have surely gotten the thought if you could get rid of ticks by yourself.

The answer is no, you cannot entirely get rid of ticks on your own. It is a challenging task. Professional tick control services use effective pesticides that target ticks and fleas of all ages.

If you use a spray, it may only help you get rid of the pests temporarily. Additionally, it only kills the adult ticks and fleas, not the larva and pupa or eggs. Professionals, on the other hand, will ensure to remove even the immature ones present inside the larvae.

That said, though you cannot eliminate them, you can surely prevent them from infecting your house and pets.

Measures to Prevent Tick Infestation

·    Thoroughly vacuum the unreachable spaces of the house as they may contain unhatched insect eggs.

·    Make sure to vacuum and disinfect carpets as they cannot be washed.

·    Expose the beddings, curtains, and other linens to the sun, regularly, as ticks are extra-tiny in size.

·    Wash your and your pet’s linens with warm water to kill pests.

·    Brush your pet regularly and bathe it every 2-3 months to prevent its coat from becoming a breeding ground.

·    Keep your yard trimmed and clean. Bushes and shrubs are the biggest tick hubs.

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·    Do not let water stagnate in any area in or around your yard.

Summing Up

There can be innumerable ways to prevent ticks, but they are never really full-proof. Despite all your efforts, ticks can find a way into your home through your clothes, pets, visitors, etc. Therefore, the best way is to consult tick control services.

Doing this will not only eliminate these pests, but regular cleaning sessions can prevent any chances of tick infestation in your house!